About this website

I’ve heard that nobody likes a showoff. Taking this advice to heart, I’ve created an entire website dedicated to showing off and not-so-humblebragging about my projects.

Wait a second. My projects? This entire site is about them, every page and post I’ve put here is about them. Nowhere have I once mentioned what they’re actually about. Which is probably why you came here, to the about page.

Since the fall of 2012, I’ve spent most of my free time tinkering with various electronic, mechanic, hardware and software builds. I started when I quit playing World of Warcraft (I was the best player in the world when I stopped, how’s that for a humblebrag?) and suddenly had a literal fuckton of time on my hands. My first build was an Ambilight clone for our TV, built from a Sparkfun Arduino Inventors Kit. I quickly stumbled on to the world of homebuilt CNC machines, which has pretty much guided all of the project ideas since. When I’m writing this, I’m just about to start my most ambitious build yet, my third CNC-router.

Up until now, I’ve only shown my projects to others in shaky vertical videos on facebook. And even then, I only posted about half of them. And so, this website is dedicated to documenting and showing off my ideas and builds.

To start with, I’ll try to retroactively document all of my old builds. That means you’ll find projects in the entire span of complexity from “diodes and resistors aren’t the same thing? They look kinda the same?” to my latest build. The older projects will likely be poorly depicted and even more poorly executed, but everything should eventually end up here.

The projects can be found on the “projects” tab, while updates on my most current build should show up in my blog.



About me

bildMy name is Jens. I’m currently in my last year of studying Electrical Engineering in Uppsala, Sweden. Or well, right this moment I’m working a summer job at ABB in Ludvika, doing ultra high voltage testing of bushings.

I live with my girlfriend in a small (tiny) flat that’s press fitted with her workout equipment and flower pots, and my electronics, cnc machines and road bike. It’s all fun and games.

When I’m not tinkering or at school, I’m probably at the gym or on said road bike. It’s a KTM Strada 2000, awesome bike. I love my bike.



Contact info

Email: tumblebeer@tumblebeer.com