Day 2 – We have liftoff

Day 2 has been a lot better than day 1. I’ve managed to drill and cut 6 pieces today, and I would have been able to do even more if not for some tap-breakage-issues. Note to self, always buy quality taps (and tools in general). I managed to get the first tap I broke out, but the second one is lodged in like a piece of popcorn between my teeth. Luckily, the hole that was ruined was more or less cosmetic and shouldn’t matter that much. Still, wasted a lot of time trying to fix it. Also I need more taps.

In the pictures you can see my spindle mount. It was a pretty novel idea, you’ve hopefully already read about it some posts ago, but I’m happy to report that the fit is absolutely perfect. My cut isn’t very pretty, but the mount as a whole is a lot better than the standard chinese mounts.

In the pictures you can also see my workplace, I’ve managed to keep it a lot more tidy today. That felt good.

Overall, I’m still about 2 weeks behind schedule (after two days), but I’m alot happier than I was yesterday. My hands are pretty cut up though, some of the cuts are looking pretty nasty. There’s a lot of aluminum lodged in the wounds that I can’t get out. My kitchen floor is covered with a blood-cuttingfluid-aluminumchips slurry. It’s pretty disgusting.

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