Day Something – The Tinkering

Since my last update, reality kinda caught up with me. Not in the horrible I-woke-up-to-remember-that-I-was-actually-born-a-pygmy-shrew (It’s fucked, basically), but more in the I-can’t-spend-17-hour-shifts-building-anymore. This means that I’ve spent quite a few days with a little tinkering here and there. Don’t be fooled though, these things take a tremendous amount of time. For example; yesterday I planned out what I was going to do. A reasonable estimate was about 1 hour. But to be safe, I said to my significant otter that it would probably take all day. I didn’t quite manage to finish half of what I had planned. All in all, above expectations.


Now, what I have done since last update is first of all to get it moving. I was so happy I actually peed my pants a little. The first axis to get going was the y-axis. I had expected to be able to get around 2000mm/min out of it, plus whatever the better driver I had on that axis could give me. It turns out I could push it up to 14000mm/min. Holy smokes, Batman! The other axes could go up to 5m/min, which is both disappointing and incredibly impressive. Going from my calculated 2m/min to 5m/min is all thanks to the PLCM-E4, which is awesome. However, this means I really, really want to replace all my shitty old chopper drives with the AM882 digital driver, doing that would also allow me to increase the drive voltage to 70-80V, further upping the speed with like, a lot.

What I’ve done apart from the actual getting shit to move is to sort out the wiring, cramming them into the e-chains, cabletie-madness and so on. Cable management is a bitch. I then built a temporary electronics enclosure. This one will later on be fitted with walls and a front panel, and several cooling fans. Then I fixed the cooling for the spindle. It’s a 75W pump in an Ikea box, sealed with silicone. The coolant fluid is demineralized water with some anti-freeze (glycol) in it. The glycol isn’t in the photos (it’s a fancy red color).


There’s still quite a bit of work left to do with it, so keep on coming. Hopefully the next post will have the first job in it. While you wait, here’s a video!


3 Responses to Day Something – The Tinkering
  1. Denis says:

    Great work ! May be you could improve your design of the gantry You use two heavy plate of aluminum.
    You could make some hole in it , the diminution of rigidity is marginal , and it is lighter , important if you want to increase the performances.
    if you machine is able to machine aluminum , it could be a goodidea to machine new plates. with ribs. Less vibration less weight

    • Tumblebeer says:

      Actually, reducing weight would increase vibrations and reduce stability. I have even considered filling the extrusions with sand to gain even more weight. However, what you say would allow greater acceleration. That is however a point where what I have is good enough. As such, I value rigidity higher than acceleration.
      Your idea sure would make it look cooler though. Perhaps that would outweigh everything else?

  2. Stefan says:

    Hi Tumblebeer,

    amazing build there :)
    May I ask you for a big favor ?
    I have bought PLCM-E4 controller and now I have no clue how to wire stepper motors to this controller board. I’m using AM882 (same as EM806) stepper drivers. I will be using slave motor for (longer) Y axis.
    Please can you send me some simple sketch to my e-mail ?

    Thank you very much

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