Hello old friend, we meet again

Ok, this time the reference was a bit obscure, I admit it. I am im fact (incorrectly) quoting the movie Ink. Watch this to get an idea.

It’s been too long since I updated, and lots of things have been happening since last time. I’m actually nearing completion. Though I’m already planning upgrades, namely a vacuum table, mist cooling and a 3d digitizing touch probe. And of course homing switches.

Anyway, the pictures should be more or less self explanatory. I’ve attached the table, and milled it flat. The finish came out ok, but I wanted more than that. A bit silly perhaps, but I wet sanded it and polished it with some autosol. It’s not quite a mirror finish, but it’s as good as it gets without a buffing wheel.

I then spent tons of time basically stripping it down to parts again to straighten it out and fix the angles. A few shims were needed, and it came out decent. The spindle could perhaps still need some tramming, it’s about 0.05 degrees tilted now. But I’m going to call that good enough for now. I also checked the backlash, it’s 0.01mm in the y axis and 0.006mm in the x axis. The runout of the spindle appears to be 0.02mm, though I’m not sure I dialed it in the correct place. So far, it’s within what I was hoping for looking at rigidity (about 2500N/mm) and accuracy. Don’t know about repeatability yet. I’m sure I’ll get more info once I start cutting things for real.

I also rebuilt my electronics enclosure, now featuring fans and blue blinkies and stuff. It didn’t turn out quite as nice as I had hoped, primarily due to the fact that I drew all of the cuts 10mm wrong in all dimensions. It’s good enough that I don’t care to redo it though.

Next post might be the “I’m finished, for now” post, but we’ll see.

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