Old Projects

In my time (about 2 years when writing this) as a hobby enthusiast, hacker, or whatever you want to call it, I’ve managed to produce a rather large number of builds in constantly increasing complexity and quality.
Almost all of them were built purely for fun or to try and learn something by doing it. This means they weren’t really documented at all when they were active, and as such the quality of the posts might be suffering a bit.
Please note that they all contain pictures. Pretty pictures.

I’ll present the builds in the links below, in reverse chronological order.


33. 3D Printer-addon

32. PID controlled router

31. Li-ion battery charger

30. Arduino VFD

29. POV globe

28. Wireless energy transfer

27. Magnetic levitation

26. Custom PC

25. Viking costume

24. Arduino Theremin

23. CNC v2

22. Edge lit nameplate

21. Vacuum former

20. Acrylic sign

19. Nameplate for stethoscope

18. Acrylic card

17. Edge lit nightlight

16. Toilet repair

15. Keyrings

14. Voice controlled arduino

13. Headlamp v2

12. Li-ion battery charger v1

11. Edge lit necklace

10. Wakeuplight

9. CNC v1

8. FPGA VFD for electric car with LabVIEW

7. Tiny Christmastree

6. ATX PSU conversion

5. Headlamp v1

4. TI84+ calculator repair

3. Edge lit TV-bench

2. Booksupports

1. Ambilight clone